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Wilson Elementary School Departments:
Stephanie Atencio, Principal
Marty Copelin, Administrative Assistant
Kathy Rogers, Staff Assistant​
Lou Jauriqui, Community Liaison
Literacy and Additional Programs
Holly Wellensiek, Teaching and Learning Coach 
Gary Marx, Gifted and Talented Teacher
Gwen Moore, Social Worker
Teresa Gallegos
Lauren Rascon
Nicole Sundermeyer
Kindergarten Aides
Marsha Bryant
Katie Fails

First Grade
Sheila Bishop
Hannah Clay
Shelley Crook
Audrey Rodgers
Second Grade
Christy Bergland
Ann Laird
Teshia Redwine
Third Grade
Ilka Andino
Diana Botz
Amanda Panos
Fourth Grade
Steve Archuleta
Alexandra Millard
Cherie Sanchez
Fifth Grade
Tricia Kelly
Taylor Valachovic
Colleen Zipf
Specials Teachers
Scott Mazzillo, Physical Education
Tracy Stephens, Music
Sarah Ungstad, Art
​ELL Staff
Stacy Adair                           
Maddy Eduardo-Barrera         
Nancy Huerta                         
Rose Woods
Kristin Krull, Library Technology Educator
JR Deason, Library Technology Technician​
Special Education
Alison Kiselich
Jessica Price
Jessica Morgan, SPLA
Special Education Aides
Christine Dobbs         
Yeidy Esquerra                   
Melissa Granese ​           April Todd
Band and Orchestra
Dan Parmentier, Band
Daryl Counsell, Orchestra
Victoria Aguilar                    Stacy Alvarez
Shelby Givens                      Nancy Tindell    
Josie Ontivaros-Roberts        
Building Maintenance Staff
Denise Clark, Building Technician
Roger Steele, Building Manager
Mira Viracek, Building Technician