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What's Happening in the Library

The Wilson library has scheduled library times for classes as well as flexible times for students to check out books and read. All classes preschool-5th visit the library each week. In addition, content such as Digital Citizenship, robotics, and other activities occur in the library. 

Preschool students on their first library checkout day

Students self-select books every week. Students in pre-school through 2nd also have a story or activity every week.

Students use Osmos for math review.

Students used Osmos for math practice, problem solving, and coding.

Students received donated books.

Students received donated books to add to their book collections at home.

Student coding during the Hour of Code

Using QR codes, students chose coding activities during the Hour of Code.

Students learned basic coding by using Bee Bots.

Students used Bee Bots to code a path using different mats. Students used teamwork, problem solving, and made a plan for the Bee Bot to get from the starting point to the identified stopping point.